Way back in 1997 Galaxie 500 Mailing list member Michael created this quiz - I haven't changed anything about it just shined it up slightly. The scoring system gives marks for wrong but almost right answers.

Are you a Galaxie 500 Freak? Think you know a thing or two about the pseudolegendary trio of Dean Wareham, Damon Krukowski, and Naomi Yang? Take the Galaxie 500 Quiz and prove it by answering these 25 questions! If you're a real bad-ass, you won't even have to reach for your boxset to answer these! After you get back your score, just hit the "back" button on your broser and email me to let me know what you think, or try to challenge me with your trivia! Try me!

  1. What was the name of Dean and Damon's first band together?
    The Paisley Underground
    Speedy and the Castanets
    Nova Rising
  2. Where did all three members of Galaxie 500 attend college?
    Berklee College of Music
    Harvard University
    U Mass, Boston
    Boston University
  3. What song did Naomi try to learn during her first bass lesson?
    Atmosphere-Joy Division
    The Back of Love-Echo and the Bunnymen
    Leave Me Alone-New Order
    In Between Days-The Cure
  4. What Galaxie 500 song has a reference to a highway near Boston?
    Blue Thunder
    Parking Lot
  5. What T-shirt is Dean wearing in the video for When Will You Come Home?
    Spacemen 3
    Chemical Imbalance
    Beat Happening
    Shimmy Disc
  6. Where did Galaxie 500 play their first gig?
    The Rat
    An apartment in NYC
    A high school gym
    The Pool Bar
  7. What does Damon's mom do for a living?
    Graphic artist
    Teaches history at NYU
    Corporate head-hunter
    Jazz singer
  8. What band has Galaxie 500 NOT recorded a cover of?
    The Sex Pistols
    The Dream Syndicate
    The Rutles
    Young Marble Giants
  9. What band did Dean go to see play on his prom night?
    The Ramones
    The B-52s
    The Clash
  10. What record label released the first Galaxie 500 single?
    Aurora Records
    Germanofon Records
    Rough Trade
    Shimmy Disc
  11. Which Bob is Damon's hero?
    Robert Wyatt
    Robert Dylan
    Robert DiNiro
    Robert Frost
  12. What effect was found in the studio during the recording of On Fire and used to great effect on Snowstorm?
    Echoplex Delay
    Big Muff Distortion
    Wah-wah pedal
  13. What guest singer jumped on stage to perform Rain live with Galaxie 500?
    Sean Lennon
    Robyn Hitchcock
    Tom Verlaine
    Hugh Hopper
  14. Who is responsible for buying back Galaxie 500's contracts and orchestrating the wonderful reissues by Rykodisc?
    Dean Wareham
    Damon & Naomi
    Thurston Moore
  15. Who once worked as a "tugboat captain" and presumably inspired the lyrics to Tugboat?
    Sterling Morrison
    James Dean
    George Harrison
    Denton Welch
  16. What movie has a brief shot of Dean, Damon, and Naomi's alma mater, The Dalton School?
    Love Story
    Mean Streets
    Dead Poet's Society
  17. What Galaxie 500 song does Dean hyperventilate on?
    When Will You Come Home
    Temperature's Rising
    Way Up High
  18. Which well-known personality may have been instrumental in the formation of Galaxie 500?
    John F. Kennedy, Jr.
    Conan O'Brien
    Ric Ocasek
    Andy Warhol
  19. What kind of earrings is Naomi wearing on the cover of On Fire?
    Big stars
    Colorful flowers
    Circular spirals
  20. Who said, "Anybody who thinks Galaxie 500 are boring live should be shot."?
    Everett True
    Robert Christgau
    Robin Guthrie
  21. Which of the following is NOT a Galaxie 500 lyric?
    "It's all over like a wave crashed on rocks"
    "Had a dream all the cops were dead"
    "My toes can talk, and they smile at me"
    "I'm so glad that you were fired"
  22. Where was Today recorded?
    Fort Apache, Boston
    Synchro Sound Studio, Boston
    Naomi's parents' house in NYC
    Noise New York
  23. What was Dean's major in college?
    Social Science
  24. Who plays sax on Decomposing Trees and Blue Thunder?
    Albert Ayler
    Ralph Carney
    Clarence Clemons
    Miles Krukowski
  25. Where was Galaxie 500's final performance?
    New York City

Galaxie 500 Quiz Written by Michael L. Lim on June 10, 1997.